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Windows 7 Tricks

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Windows 7 tricks

Looking for cool Windows 7 tricks or Easter eggs? This is the right place to be. I have tried all of them and they all work on my Windows 7 system. And they’re pretty cool. Try them yourself. Here are the coolest ones.

File/Folder rename

Try to create a file or a folder named CON. Go on, try it. What happened? You can’t? That’s right. You can’t make a file/folder named CON. Same goes for LPT1, LPT2… LPT9, COM1, COM2… COM9, PRN, and NUL. Whenever you try, Windows will show you an error message. In the example, I’ve tried to make a notepad file named CON, and you can see the error message.

Calculator trick

Are you ready for some Windows 7 tricks related to math? Alright, let’s begin. What is the square root of 4? 2. And what if you subtract 2 from 2? 0? The Windows calculator begs to differ. Try this on your calculator and see the result.

Valcun mode

Create a folder. Rename it to Valcun.{ED834ED6-4B5A-4bfe-8F11-A626DCB6A921}

What happened? It creates a neat shortcut to the control panel option. It’s also famous as the God mode. But there, we just made it Valcun mode. You can name it anything you want.

Resizing Alt+Tab

In Windows XP, when you pressed Alt+Tab to switch between windows, the switcher screen was a small one, but in Windows 7, there is a big switcher screen.

To get back the Windows XP switcher, press the Alt key. While holding it down, press and release the other Alt key. Now press Tab. See? It wasn’t very difficult. You might find that some other bloggers are suggesting modification in registry files to get the desired result, but it’s better not to poke around with the registry and use the ‘double alt’ trick… You’re welcome.

Got any Windows 7 tricks? Share with us. Sharing is cool.

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