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Troll on Facebook

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Troll on Facebook

We all are on Facebook, and we love to troll. Making fool of others is something that takes art and creativity. Are you facing a creative block? Try these tricks and troll your friends. And if you come up with some tricks of your own, share with us. Let’s see some ideas to troll on Facebook.

The password trick

I loved this one- probably the best way to troll on Facebook. Here is how you can do it.

In your status, write something like “Wow, I can’t believe you can type your password in comments and it actually shows as stars. ****** It really works!!”

Now keep in mind that you have to type asterisks there. To make it even cooler, get a friend to add a comment like “********”. And then, “Wow yeah, it really works”… Now sit back and relax as you troll on Facebook.

Troll on Facebook

The gold account trick

This came up some time back and was a popular method to troll on Facebook. I don’t know if you have heard about it or not. You put up a pic of “Facebook gold account” and troll people. Tell them you bought a car or anything else (you had a baby… whatever works in your case). And then put up a pic of Facebook gold account. People will think there is something new called Facebook Gold account. More fun if someone adds [Comment only available for Facebook® Gold™ account holders]. Enjoy.

Pic sharing

Make people share your stupid pics. Tell them there will be some magic if they shared a crappy pic of a dot or any other thing. Seriously, people will buy it. Try it yourself.

Troll on Facebook

The alt+F4

In case you don’t know, pressing Alt+ F4 closes the window. Put up a status like “Try this magic. Press F5, then F7, and then Alt + F4”. You won’t get any comments though, because their windows will get closed right then.

Troll on Facebook and enjoy! But don’t forget to let us know about more tricks if you have some up your sleeve.

  • Gayatri Sharma

    Enjoyed reading this article..I am gonna give these tricks a try :D

  • Rajnishaleen

    Ha ha. I like this. Suggest ways to troll not just on Facebook, but in real life too. Could use some cool tricks there. Especially with April coming up, and the All Fools Day.

  • Valcunpro

    Sure thing :)