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Stuff 9Gaggers Hate

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9gaggers love 9gag

9Gag is a huge community and I’m a 9Gagger myself. I know there are many people who hate 9Gag, but I don’t care. I find it funny and I browse through it daily. And as a 9Gagger I know what 9Gaggers like and what they hate. So here I’m writing about some stuff that 9Gaggers hate.

9Gaggers hate Comic Sans

Seriously, Comic Sans is like, the worst font ever. Yeah I loved it when I was a kid. But that was then. I’m not in second grade anymore, and this stuff isn’t for adults- at least not for sensible adults. So if you are posting anything anywhere, NEVER EVER use Comic Sans.

don't use comic sans

9Gaggers hate Hipsters

Hipsters look like homeless people, except that they have Apple products- iPhone, iPad, and stuff. Also, they use Instagram. That’s another thing that 9Gaggers hate- Instagram. It is everywhere. If you take pics of your food and post them on Instagram, believe me, 9Gaggers hate you.

hipsters are not cool

9Gaggers hate Duck faces

Well quack, I don’t know in which part of the world duck faces are considered good looking, but they are hated on 9Gag. So if you want to take a pic for Facebook, make sure you don’t pucker out like a duck. Coz that’s just weird.

ugly duck faces

9Gaggers hate Twilight

My dog is in love with his food bowl- still a better love story than Twilight. Yeah, Twilight, according to 9Gaggers, is the worst love story in the world (iff it can be called a love story). They hate Bella’s acting, and they hate princess fairy boy, a.k.a Edward Cullen.

twilight is about stalkers

9Gaggers hate Justin Bieber

Look at him. Just look at him. How can you not hate him? It doesn’t even matter if he’s gay. 9Gaggers aren’t against gays. This guy just gives them the creeps. Plus they don’t like his music. All in all, they hate Justin Bieber.

we hate justin bieber

And there is a lot more stuff that is hated by 9Gaggers. Do you know some of it? Post your comments and let’s see how much you know

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  • Fabyzoe96

    9gaggers also hate nicki minaj, one direction, steve jobs, and kesha

    • Valcunpro

      That’s correct! Welcome to Valcun fellow 9Gagger. Anybody else knows a few more things 9Gaggers hate?

  • Rodrigon9890

    kids this days talking about swag YOLO and that shit

  • Michael Peralta