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Stalking on Facebook: Who is Stalking You?

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stalking on facebook

Stalking on Facebook is a great way to kill time. Is your crush in relationship with someone? Is your boyfriend flirting with his new female colleague? Go on Facebook and stalk them. That’s what everybody does. But how do you know who is stalking you? Here are some ways to know your stalkers. These aren’t fool-proof stalker detector systems, but they give pretty accurate results.
I have three methods here to help you know your stalkers (I’ve tried them myself).

Check your friends list

Go to your friend’s list and see the friends who appear on top. These will be the ones that interact with you a lot. If you see a friend on the top who hasn’t exactly left any posts from some time, chances are that they are stalking you, and that’s why they are sitting on the top position of your friend’s list.

Invite people

Create an event and invite people to it. There will be three types of people: those who accept your invitation, those who reject your invitation, and those who still haven’t replied. Check the top 5 people in each category. These are most probably the people who ‘visit’ your profile quite often.

Type in the search box

Pretty simple. To know who is stalking you on Facebook, just type a character in the search box. Any character. I typed ‘a’ and got a result of some guy with whom I fought almost a month back. I haven’t bothered to visit his profile and I deleted him from my friends list. So why is he on the search option ESPECIALLY when his name doesn’t even begin with ‘a’? Bingo… we have a stalker here.

You can try all these methods, and they’re quite simple. I got to know about a couple of stalkers after trying these things out. If you don’t believe me, open a couple of fake accounts and stalk yourself. Then try these methods and check the results.

Another method

And here is yet another method to see who is stalking you on Facebook. The friend suggestions Facebook provides? Many times it shows those people who have been stalking you. If you see a suggestion that doesn’t have any mutual friends, you have a stalker there.

All these methods are working as of today, and will continue to work for many months to come. Please share this post so that others can also know about their stalkers. Remember, sharing doesn’t cost money!

  • Abd

    Doesn’t work in the new friend list… 

    • Guest

      It works on my Facebook, and I have the timeline