Does Siri Understand You? [Infographic]

Help me SiriSiri is a tool that lets you take control over your iPhone without using the keyboard. But why doesn’t Siri understand you? Read more

5 Lesser Known iPhone Secrets and Tips

iPhone Secrets and TipsIf you use the iPhone for almost everything, you’ll find these iPhone secrets and tips really useful. Read more

How to Change Folder Colors in Windows

How to Change Folder ColorsWindows has always given us yellow colored folders that have become pretty boring now. Here is how to change folder colors. Read more

How to Protect your Facebook from Hackers

How to Protect your FacebookHow to protect your Facebook account? Here are some simple and easy ways to make your FB profile absolutely hacker-proof. Read more

5 Alternative Browsers for Your Computer

alternative browsersTried all browsers? Want something different? Here is a list of some alternative browsers that are not so popular, but give good performance Read more

Some of the best 9gag Memes of 2012

9gag memesIf you want to kill some time, 9gag is probably the best website. Here are some of the best 9gag memes of 2012 Read more

Is Google Making us Dumber? [Infographic]

is google making us dumberOur generation has stopped learning things because everything is so easily available on Google. Is Google making us dumber? Read more

Unhappy with the Windows Search Tool? Try These Options

windows search toolAre you happy with the default Windows search tool? Here are some tools that can make your Windows search easier. Read more

How to Stop Hacking

how to stop hackingHave you ever been a victim of hacking? If yes, learn how to stop hacking so that it doesn’t happen again. Here are some common ways: Read more

Gayglers: Legalize Love Network of Google

gayglers legalize loveGayglers is an employee network of Google that helps gay people around the world. Google recently launched a new campaign called Legalize Love. Read more

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