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Google Labs: What’s Cooking There?

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Google Labs

The engineers at Google labs have been preparing stuff in their awesome cauldron. We already have so much cool stuff from Google like Google Maps, Google Reader, and Google Trends.  There are other applications as well (many of them in experimental phase). Here are some things that are currently cooking in there.

Android App Inventor

Google Labs android app inventor

You want to impress girls? Get an iPhone. Want to impress nerds? Get Android. But there is one step cooler than that… make your own apps using Android App inventor. You can make apps even if you don’t know how to code, or even if you don’t have an Android! It’s still in experimental stage in Google labs.

Google Fast Flip

Google Labs Fast Flip

If you don’t have much time to search and you only want the best results, then Fast Flip will be the right thing for you. It will show snapshots of recent and popular articles from all across the web. With just one click, you will have the most popular content from the internet. You can even customize Fast Flip to get the kind of content you want.


Google Labs Aardvark

You have a question in your mind, and you can’t find an answer for it. It’s really frustrating. But with Aardvark, you can get an answer really soon. It’s still brewing in Google labs, and will soon be ready. You might post it on Facebook and wait for your friends to answer it. Or you can post it on Aardvark and get almost instantaneous answers. And if you don’t have a question to ask, let Aardvark ask a question from you… pretty neat.

Google Goggles

Google Labs Goggles

OCR is a great technology. With the recognition of optical characters, digital images containing text can be converted to actual text. Google Goggles is a product of Google labs and is in its early stages, and yet it is quite powerful. You can take a pic of an unidentifiable object and Goggles will tell you what that is. It also works on business cards and converts names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. Just take a pic and your image will be converted to text. It’s really cool.

Google Shopper

Google Labs Shopper

Google Shopper is a step ahead Google Goggles where Android users can take pics of objects and look for their reviews. Picture this: you are walking in a store, and you like an item. Instead of simply buying it, you take a pic from your Android phone and look for its reviews and prices. You get to know it’s an awesome product, and is available for less at the neighboring store. It makes life so much easier.

Know more unfinished stuff from Google Labs? Let us know.