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How to Stalk on Facebook

How to Stalk on FacebookI’ve already written a post to find out who is stalking you. But what if YOU want to stalk someone? Here are some quick tips to learn how to stalk on Facebook. Read more

Facebook Timeline Movie: You Don’t Have to Hate Timeline Anymore

facebook timeline movieWhen the timeline was forced on Facebook users, people used to hate it. But with the Facebook timeline movie, you’re going to love the timeline. Read more

How to Access Facebook in School

access facebook in schoolIf you have a good trick up your sleeve, you can access Facebook in school. I have a trick here that will let you open blocked websites in school. Read more

Annoying Facebook Users- Are you One of Them?

Annoying FacebookI’ve covered the most frequent types of annoying facebook users. Please share this post on their wall/timeline so that they can take a hint. Read more

Facebook Timeline Organ Donor Life Saver Tool

Facebook timeline organ donor status tool

Facebookers can now set their status as an organ donor and make it public. As a noble cause, Facebook has launched this new feature which is expected to help more than one million people in the States and millions more in other nations, who are awaiting transplants. Read more

5 Weird Facebook Facts

facebook factsFacebook is a lifestyle and once you join it, you can’t leave it- it’s simply addicting. Let’s discuss some lesser known Facebook facts. Read more

Best YouTube Videos of 2012: The first Quarter

Best YouTube Videos of 2012Here are some best YouTube videos of 2012. Since 2012 isn’t over yet, these are the best videos from the first quarter of 2012. Read more

Stalking on Facebook: Who is Stalking You?

stalking on facebookStalking on Facebook is a great way to kill time. Is your crush in relationship with someone? Is your boyfriend flirting with his new female colleague? Go on Facebook and stalk them. That’s what everybody does. But how do you know who is stalking you? Here are some ways to know your stalkers. These aren’t fool-proof stalker detector systems, but they give pretty accurate results.
Read more

Best Games on Facebook

Best Games on FacebookFacebook is more than a social network. It’s also a major gaming platform. There are many online games that you can play on FB with your friends. Here are some of the best games on Facebook. Some old, some new, but all epic. Read more

Facebook Hoax

Facebook hoaxI’m sure you have seen this Facebook hoax many times. Someone somewhere has an incurable disease. If you like/share this post, Facebook will pay some amount of money to the sick person for treatment. Let me tell you one thing: This is a hoax. Read more

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