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Remove Name from Facebook Ads: Simple Steps

Remove name from FacebookDon’t want your name to appear in Facebook adverts? It is really easy to remove name from Facebook ads, but most people don’t know about it. Read more

How to Protect your Facebook from Hackers

How to Protect your FacebookHow to protect your Facebook account? Here are some simple and easy ways to make your FB profile absolutely hacker-proof. Read more

How to use Images in Facebook Chat

images in facebook chatDo you know how to post images in Facebook chat? It’s very simple. All you need is a helpful website and a little copy paste action. Read more

Annoying and Unwanted Tagging on Facebook

tagging on facebookTagging on Facebook has become a tradition. What can you do if you are tagged in an unrelated pic? Here are some simple solutions. Read more

Changing Facebook Status: Customizing ‘Via’

changing facebook status
If you fancy changing Facebook status and customizing it for your own company, you can do it by following some easy steps. Read more

Some Facebook Profile Secrets You are Giving Away

facebook profile secretsNo matter how careful you are about Facebook security, there are some Facebook profile secrets that are not too hard to find out. Read more

Crime Cases Solved by Facebook [Infographic]

facebook prison
Facebook isn’t all bad. It has solved many crime cases. Let’s look at some of them Read more

Should you accept Facebook Friendship Request? [Flowchart]

facebook friends requestGot a new Facebook friendship request? See this flowchart to check if you should accept it…
Read more

Facebook Shortcuts to Save Time and Clicks

facebook shortcutsIf you spend more than two hours each day on Facebook, then you are a Facebook freak. Why not learn some Facebook shortcuts to make things easier? Read more

How to Stalk on Facebook

How to Stalk on FacebookI’ve already written a post to find out who is stalking you. But what if YOU want to stalk someone? Here are some quick tips to learn how to stalk on Facebook. Read more

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