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Business Blogging- Most Common Mistakes

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Business blogging can turn out to be really fruitful. If you do it right, you can bring in a lot of business and expand your customer base. Because if people like your blog, they will not only buy your products or services, they will also talk about them to their peers.

But business blogging isn’t an easy deal. You’ve got to put in some hard work. Why many people fail at business blogging? Because they make one or more of the five most common blogging mistakes. And here are those mistakes:

1. My blog is a press center

There are many people who think their blog is the right place to post their press releases. Nope it’s not. No one wants to go to a blog to read promotional content. Would you visit anyone’s blog thinking, ‘Hey, they keep posting stuff about their products… let’s read it’? Unless your products are world famous and designer, people wouldn’t be interested in knowing about new launches all the time.

2. I don’t have time for regular posting

Most successful blogs have a schedule of blog posting. If you don’t post at least twice a week, your followers would probably get bored and leave. Let’s say your schedule is to post a new article every Monday and Thursday. Do not start writing on Monday/Thursday. Write ahead and schedule it so that your followers always get their posts on time.

3. I’ve disabled blog comments

Blogging should be like conversation. If you allow your users to participate, they will be interested to join in. Yes, it would make you vulnerable to criticism as well. But take that with a pinch of salt. I’ve posted things on many blogs and sometimes people don’t like some of my posts. But that’s ok. They have their views and I have mine. Respect their views.

4. New content isn’t easily discoverable

Readers should be able to find content on your blog. Also, when you add new content, your readers should know about that. For this purpose, use full RSS feed. Use Twitter and Facebook to notify your readers about new content added to the blog. You can also optimize for search engines by putting keywords in post URLs.

5. I expect a lot

Blogging isn’t about running a race. For a couple of months, you might be writing for no one to read. But don’t let that lower your spirits. Keep writing for at least one year by putting in high quality posts. Also, make sure your blog is easy to find so that people can discover it and subscribe to it.

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