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Blackberry tips- To make your life easier

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Why do people buy Blackberries? They look good, and of course- their awesome battery lives and keyboards. But Blackberries have more to them than just that.

You can use a Blackberry like any other phone, but there are many options and shortcuts hidden in your phone that would make you life easier. There are some shortcuts that you won’t need that often, like pressing Alt + Delete + Right side caps for a few seconds to reboot the phone. And then there are some shortcuts that you would need really often. Let’s discuss some tips to make our blackberried lives easier. These tips have been tested on my Blackberry Torch 9800.

1. Use less keyboard

Of course the QWERTY keyboard let’s you type really quickly, but make it even quicker. When you finish a sentence, instead of pressing alt and period key, simply tap the spacebar twice and you will get a full stop and a capital for the first word of next sentence. Also, don’t bother entering apostrophes in words like don’t and I’m. Just type dont and im, and they will be corrected automatically. Pretty neat isn’t it?

2. Skip symbols

When you are sending a mail to someone, and you have to type email address in the To field, instead of typing the @ symbol using alt key, just press space bar and your blackberry will understand that it’s an @. And when you have to type a period, just press space bar again, and your email address would be complete!

3. Read Emails Faster

When you are reading an email, you can click on ‘N’ to move to the next mail. This is definitely much faster than closing that mails and then going to the next mail. To view a previous mail, you can click on ‘P’. Plus, if you have reached to the end of a long mail, and you want to scroll all the way to the top, simply press ‘T’.

4. Take notes while on a call

If you want to take notes while you are on a call, you can totally do that on a Blackberry. On my torch, I see a notes icon below the calling menu, so it is very easy for me. But for other models, all you’ve got to do is to click on the trackwheel. Go to the notes icon. Now you can type the notes, and even forward them to your friends.

5. Three way calling

Got two friends to share gossip? While you are in the first call, click on spacebar. Your recent phone        call list will show up. Select a contact from it. Now you have a three way call. This is especially cool for womenfolk :)

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  • Rajni Shaleen Chopra

    Thanks for telling me more that I can do with my BlackBerry. Keep such posts coming.