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Blackberry Facts

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blackberry facts

Blackberries are cool little devices. Away from Android and iPhone freaks, they have their own fan base. If you have a Blackberry, I’m sure you’ll be crazy about it. For you, I’ll talk about about some Blackberry facts. Read on.

Funky terms

• When you leave your Blackberry at your house: Aackberrying
• When you don’t have your Blackberry with you but you think its vibrating in your pocket: braxburying
• When you are walking and texting on Blackberry and not looking at the road: whiplashberrying

I don’t know who came up with these terms, but I find them amusing.

• Blackberry has grown to be so famous that there is actually a ‘medical term’ after its name. You may have heard about tennis elbow. There is also something called Blackberry thumb that happens when you text too much.

• Blackberry got its name from someone who thought that the keys on the device look like a group of seeds. Then the company people went through some fruits names and finally settled for Blackberry because most of their phones were black then.

• Why are Blackberries famous? Well basically because they had push email and messaging features before other smart phones. Also, they have more messaging features (and better messaging) than Apple or Android. The main feature of Blackberry is that it lets you access your mail and messages anywhere you go. This is what makes it so addicting.

• Though it has got some really nice features, Blackberry facts state that its sales are comparatively much lower than Apple and Android sales, and the reason is the abundance of apps on other two platforms. Blackberry also offers apps, but they are not as attractive as those offered by Apple and Android.

• Canada is the home country of Research in Motion, the company that makes Blackberries.

• U.S. President Obama is infatuated with his Blackberry phone and he cannot give it up. He has even ordered a custom made top secret Blackberry that has software for secure voice that catches spies and eavesdroppers.

• Blackberry was used mostly by corporate employees, but it has started to become mainstream these days. Hey, even I have a Blackberry and I’m certainly no corporate worker. And I just love my Blackberry.

Hope you enjoyed reading these Blackberry facts. Will keep you posted with new stuff.