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Best Webcomics and no Boring Crap

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best webcomics

I recently searched for best webcomics on the internet and I can’t believe the results that showed up. Most of them were totally boring. I thought I had to do something. So here I am, writing a post on the best webcomics (and none of that boring crap).


Not EXACTLY a webcomic, 9gag is certainly full of entertainment. It’s got rage comics, webcomics, funny pictures, cute pictures, and other stuff that will keep you hooked on like anything. If you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t want to leave 9gag. And the best thing is that they have a new post every couple of minutes.

best webcomics

Cyanide and Happiness

A bit of dark humor, you’ll take a moment to sink in. And once you’re there, you’ll be completely immersed. It’s certainly one of the best webcomics I’ve read, and I’ve been reading it from many years. They are updated daily and are full of fun. They have some videos as well, so in case you like comics in video form, visit their website.

best webcomics

The Oatmeal

This guy is a web designer who is into making comics. And he has a great sense of humor. Apart from giving entertainment, he also gives knowledge (like those comics about angler fish and coffee). And there is so much that you can learn and enjoy.

best webcomics


The thing about Channelate is that the last panel always has a twist. Or in case the last one doesn’t, they have a line added at the bottom that completely changes the scenario. I have started to love their comics because of this innovative element. You look at a scenario and you think hmmm… what’s funny in that, and boom… it changes in the end.

best webcomics


I like Buttersafe. While sometimes their comics are very humorous, other times they are just meh. So they are worth reading once a while. Another problem with their comics is that they don’t update so frequently.

best webcomics

PBF Comics

Talking about not updating frequently, PBF comics will beat the queen of procrastination with a carrot. But still they are worth visiting once a while because of their dark humor.

best webcomics

Mr. Lovenstein

Not really funny, but an occasional comic might turn out good. But they aren’t as boring as Garfield, so I would suggest visiting them once a while. Innovative factor: their last panel is hidden. Place your mouse pointer there and it will show up. So these comics kinda have an alternate ending.

best webcomics

Married to the sea

These guys take vintage pics and add hilarious captions to them. The pics are really simple, like you would see in… oh I don’t know… 1940’s? Well they’ll take them and add a silly caption. It’ll take you a while to get used to their humor. But once you’re in, it gets funny.

best webcomics

Toothpaste for dinner

Looking for le badly drawn comics? Toothpaste for dinner has them. And not only that, this guy has the handwriting of a doctor. But they’re kinda cute. And since some of his comics are really funny, I like visiting this site every now and then.

best webcomics

Well these are pretty much the best webcomics I could think of. Did I miss something? Please refresh my memory by posting your comments.