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Alternative Search Engines that Don’t Track You Down

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alternative search engines

Google, Yahoo, and Bing- all three of these keep a track of your search history and build your profile so that they can provide you results based on your geographic location or preferences. But being tracked means that you don’t get any privacy. This is why sometimes it is better to use alternative search engines that don’t track you down.

Here is a list of such alternative search engines.


If you are conscious about your privacy, then you will love DuckDuckGo. It does not track any personal information about its users- no cookies, no IP address trackers, and no user agents. It doesn’t even know if two searches were done from the same system.


Plus its home page is really clean and simple- even more than Google’s. And since DuckDuckGo doesn’t track your information, it gives the same results to everyone. So when you search for something, you can be sure that any other person from any part of the world will get the same results for the same search phrase.


If you wish you had Google’s search results but with more privacy, you can use Startpage. Startpage performs your search on Google. So basically when you search for something, Startpage sends that search to Google. What Google sees is a large number of search queries coming from Startpage, but it doesn’t get to know about you or your IP address. It doesn’t use cookies or collect IP address. Also, it doesn’t keep record of searches made by you.


Some time back there was a service called Scroogle that offered anonymous Google searches. Scroogle doesn’t exist anymore, but Startpage is quite similar to it.


Ixquick is the company that is running Startpage. The difference between these services is that while Startpage draws its results from just Google, Ixquick gets results from other search engines as well. Other than that, they have the same design and features.



Blekko isn’t as good as Ixquick and DuckDuckGo, but it’s still much better than Google, Yahoo, and Bing when it comes to privacy. Blekko isn’t completely anonymous; it tracks information and keeps it for 48 hours. But that’s still better than Google, which keeps it for 9months and then just makes it anonymous instead of deleting it.



AskEraser is a service offered by Ask.com that lets you do anonymous browsing. When you enable the AskEraser, Ask.com will not log your searches and IP address. But in case there is a critical error, then your search history will be saved.

ask eraser

These were some alternative search engines to keep your private data safe. You can try them all, but I liked DuckDuckGo the best.

  • niko sun

    very informative, thank you!

  • Bigeasy Jhonson

    I just switched to DuckDuckGo since Firefox dropped Google. Problem is I can’t get maps where I can create direction sheets for my workers to get from one place to another. For example in google when you opened it you saw “Web” “Images”"MAPS” etc. How do I get that on DDG?