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How to Make Windows 7 Faster

make windows 7 fasterAll computers get slower with regular use and this gets pretty frustrating. How can you make Windows 7 faster? Here are some super simple tips Read more

Cool Tricks for Windows 7

Cool Tricks for Windows 7Windows 7 is by far the best version of Windows ever launched. Here are some cool tricks for Windows 7 (and they might run on Win XP as well) Read more

Windows 8 Features & Release Date

Windows 8 featuresThe early version of Windows 8 has been released on a prototype tablet and if you want to take a look at Windows 8 features, you can get the developer preview that is running in pre-beta version. Read more

How to Use Bluetooth headset with iPhone

Use Bluetooth headset with iPhoneCalling or listening to music via Bluetooth is a great idea. If you don’t know how to use Bluetooth headset with iPhone, let me help you. Read more

Best iPhone 4 Apps

Best iPhone 4 Apps There are different apps that suit different needs but I’ve tried to make a collection of best iPhone 4 apps that would fit the requirements of most people. Read more

iPhone 4 Tips and Secrets

iphone 4 tips and secretsThere are still many things that you don’t know about your iPhone. Here are some iPhone 4 tips and secrets that you might have missed. Read more

How to Find Stolen iPhone?

how to find stolen iphoneThis post will help you if you haven’t lost your iPhone yet. It’s best to use some apps instead of crying over the lost phone. Here is how to find stolen iPhone. Read more

Top Free iPhone Games

top free iphone gamesThere are hundreds (or maybe thousands) of iPhone games available for free, and I’m gonna talk about top free iPhone games here. Read more

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