Monthly Archives: February 2012

Business Blogging- Most Common Mistakes

Business blogging can turn out to be really fruitful. If you do it right, you can bring in a lot of business and expand your customer base. Because if people like your blog, they will not only buy your products or services, they will also talk about them to their peers. Read more

How to Avoid Facebook Virus

I’ve been seeing a lot of it lately. People post random links or videos on my wall (which I don’t open), and later I see their apologetic notes, “Sorry, my account has been hacked”. Having your Facebook account compromised is a bummer. Read more

Blackberry tips- To make your life easier

Why do people buy Blackberries? They look good, and of course- their awesome battery lives and keyboards. But Blackberries have more to them than just that.

Read more

An App store for Banned Android Apps

Many apps get banned from Android app store. Some get banned because of malicious activities, while the others are simply shunned because they weren’t in compliance with Google’s policies. Read more

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