Wireless Charging: Go Totally Wireless

wireless charging mobile on stationWireless charging is not a distant sci-fi dream. It has become possible with the help of induction charging. Soon you won’t need power cords for charging Read more

Some Really Awesome Google Chrome Apps

must have google chrome appsJust like your smartphones, you can get some really cool apps on Chrome too. You can visit the Chrome Web Store to access cool Google Chrome apps. Read more

Best Websites for Short URL Bundles

websites for short url bundlesThere are many websites to generate a short URL, but what if you want a short URL bundle? Here are three really awesome sites that can crunch multiple URLs. Read more

Virtual Suicide: To Die or Not to Die

virtual suicide with web 2.0 suicide machineWant your old life back? Want to commit a virtual suicide by killing yourself on social media sites that are just time-wasters? Well you got what you need. Read more

Stuff 9Gaggers Hate

9gaggers love 9gagAs a 9Gagger I know what 9Gaggers like or hate. So here I am, writing about some things that 9Gaggers hate. Did you know about this stuff?
Read more

Best Blackberry Apps for your Phone

best blackberry apps
Blackberry has its own market, and many features make it better than iPhone and Android. Here are the best Blackberry apps for your phone. Read more

Windows 8 Security: New Levels of Protection

windows 8 securityWindows 8 security is very strong, and you most probably know about the visual changes, yet it is not only about the looks- it packs more. Read more

Wanna Play iPhone Pranks? Here are 5 Cool Ways

iPhone PranksHave an iPhone? There are tons of iPhone pranks that you can pull on your friends. Here are five best ones. Read more

Hiding Files on Android: 5 Super Cool Apps

Hiding Files on AndroidHiding files on Android is easier than you think. Here I give to you some of the best hiding apps that I stumbled upon. Read more

Remove Name from Facebook Ads: Simple Steps

Remove name from FacebookDon’t want your name to appear in Facebook adverts? It is really easy to remove name from Facebook ads, but most people don’t know about it. Read more

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